Melvin Tinker (1955-Eternity)

24 November 2021

A Tribute to Melvin Tinker

From Bishop Andy Lines

It was such an encouragement to hear that Melvin Tinker had not faltered but that when the Lord took him he was listening to Scripture being read by David Suchet. Despite his and our confidence that Melvin is 'now more alive than ever' this will be a difficult time of grief for Heather, Christopher, Michael, Philip and their families and many around the world.

My most recent connection with Melvin has been through the Christ Church Network with congregations in Newland, Riverside and Orchard Park. We have the privilege of their membership of both the Anglican Mission in England and the Anglican Network in Europe, and have benefitted greatly already from the contributions of those, many of whom owe their Christian maturity to the faithful service of Melvin over many years.

I first got to hear of Melvin in the early days of Reform when I was in South America and have grown to appreciate his writing and preaching. Since 2000 my connection grew slightly through Crosslinks connections with St John's Newland, not least when Melvin asked if Lee McMunn could be a Crosslinks Associate to give him the evangelistic opportunities that his gifts could exploit. It was a real joy to receive Riverside and Newland into AMiE and to visit to ordain folk this Summer, coinciding wonderfully with a thanksgiving for Melvin's long ministry.

My only regret, apart from the loss of all that God made Melvin to be (and I recently asked him if I could have access to him for advice and counsel), is that I did not express the public support and appreciation that he deserved for his principled and courageous service and stands. I do so now with gratitude to Melvin's and my Lord.