Standing Committee

The Standing Committee conducts the business of the Synod between its meetings. It is in equal measure composed of representatives, both clergy and lay, from the ACE Diocese and the AMiE Diocese, and is chaired by ANiE's Presiding Bishop, Rt Revd Andy Lines.

Rt Revd Andy Lines

Andy is married to Mandy and they have 3 adult children one of whom is married. Andy does not come from a Christian family but was converted in his teens. They live in Raynes Park, South West London. Andy served in a tank regiment in Germany during the Cold War. After marrying Mandy whom he met on an expedition in Peru in 1985 they left the army to train at Bible college before heading via Spain to Paraguay as mission partners of the South American Mission Society. They were there throughout the 90s. Andy was ordained out there and pastored a church.

From 2000 to 2018 Andy led the mission society, Crosslinks, which sought to serve churches from Great Britain and Ireland in helping them fulfil their task of partnering in world mission. Andy was consecrated as a bishop in 2017 and has the responsibility as Presiding Bishop of ANiE and Convocation Bishop of AMiE and ACE.  

Annie Gemmill

Annie is married to Andy and they have 2 grown up children. Andy was a church minister for 20 years and Annie was privileged to work alongside him for much of that time. He now works for the Cornhill Training Course in Scotland and she works as a GP.  

As a child Annie was drawn to church in a family who were churchy but cultural rather than practicing Christians. She knew God was important and became a Christian aged 12 when a girl in her class at school explained the gospel to her. It was clear to her instantly that this was the missing piece in her understanding and she asked for the forgiveness she knew she needed there and then in the school cloakroom.

Annie & Andy have worked in London, St Albans and Nottingham and are now in Glasgow where they are members of St Silas Church. It has been an unexpected homecoming to the Anglican forms of worship learned and treasured from childhood and thrillingly to being a part of a global Anglican family.

Revd Josh Maynard

Josh is the vicar of Wellspring Anglican church, supported by his wife Rachel. 

Josh has been ministering in Pembrokeshire for seven years and loves the people and place.

Charlotte Scott

Charlotte is a member of Christ Church Newland and has been in Hull since 2016, when she became a Christian through the witness of her now husband. She formerly lived in Australia where she studied science at university in New England, which she now applies within her job as well as enjoying the knowledge that there is a wonderful God behind the science. She is mum to a little boy who doesn’t stop smiling, something she can only try to keep up with. In her spare time she enjoys to find things to do so it’s no longer spare!

Polly Skinner

Some 25 years ago, by God’s grace, Polly came to accept Jesus as her Saviour and Lord.

A few years later in 2001, she accepted a post at Cornwall College as Assistant Principal, leading the quality and curriculum improvement unit.  This role fitted well with her previous roles of post-16 research, qualification development, assessment and verification. 

From 2001 until 2020 Polly worked with the Quality Assurance Agency as reviewer and scrutineer of higher education delivered within further education colleges.  By 2003, Polly and her husband moved to Cornwall from Somerset, their three children had all ‘flown the nest’, and by chance Dick Lucas steered them to seek out a bible teaching vicar in Fowey.  They did this and the rest is history! 

In total support of the move from the local Parish Church in 2019, she was and is delighted to serve in the formation and establishing of the Anchor Anglican Church Fowey.  She also counts it a privilege to be supporting the work of ANiE, ACE and AMiE as we faithfully seek to fulfil The Great Commission as directed in Matthew 28.

Revd Ben Williamson

Ben grew up in South West London. He had the wonderful privilege of growing up in a Christian family and wonderfully cannot remember a time when he did not trust the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation. 

As a mission partner with Crosslinks, Ben worked for Johannesburg Bible College teaching basic Bible handling skills. He also pastored an inner-city church in Johannesburg, Christ Church Hillbrow. 

After returning the church to indigenous leadership in South Africa, Ben returned to the UK in November 2020 and was accepted by the Anglican Mission in England to plant a church in Greater Manchester - Grace Community Church, Bury.