Prayer update - March 2024

1st March 2024

International focus - Hope Church, Dunedin - Church of Confessin Anglicans, Aotearoa NZ

Dunedin is the second-largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, after Christchurch. Hope Church has just moved into its own premises after starting five years ago. Rev Stuart Crosson is excited to share Hope Church's story. Watch video.

Pray for AniE churches

Westhill Community Church, Aberdeen

Please pray for…

Christ Church Newland, Hull

Please pray for…

Do you live near Harrogate or Leeds? 

On Wednesday 6 March, we are partnering with Anglican Futures to provide a safe space to talk about the future of Biblical and missional Anglicanism. Come and be part of the conversation. Perhaps you are confused or concerned about what is happening in the Church of England. Perhaps you are keen to hear of new possibilities that are globally connected, historically rooted and just right for our contemporary world. Perhaps you just want to meet like-minded people and pray. Come and join us. 

For more info contact Bishop Lee McMunn: