Prayer update - June 2022

10th June 2022

Anglican Mission in England (AMIE)

  • Thank God that our 10:20 Planting Plan booklet is finished. Pray that it will be widely distributed and God will use this information to raise up interest from a variety of people.

  • Pray for our first in-person AMiE Synod on Saturday 18th June. (People also joining on Zoom).

  • Pray that we will have a culture of risk-taking and humility in the convocation.

Anglican Convocation Europe (ACE)

  • Please pray for the following congregations and ministry units in the process of affiliating with ACE.

    • Westhill Community Church, Aberdeen

    • All Saints, Colwyn Bay

    • All Saints, Lagoa

    • All Saints, Almancil

    • Leipzig EC - German congregation

Operational matters

  • The Charity Commission is in the process of evaluating CIO applications from ANiE and ACE. Please pray for our long-awaited Charity statuses to be granted after this round of questions.

  • ​Praise God for the work of Christopher Henderson, Miller Bogie and Leo Davison who are treasurers of ANiE, ACE and AMiE respectively. Pray for Christopher especially as he finalises ANiE’s first financial returns.​

  • ​Thank God for technology that allows the operations of the network to take place over vast distances, across extreme time zones, from the comfort of our own homes. Pray that we don’t take this provision for granted. Thank God that we’re able to connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ even when the infrastructure is less than ideal (e.g. poor signal, rural areas).