Press Release

10 May 2022

The Anglican Convocation in Europe Synod, 6-7 May 2022

Representatives of the ACE Congregations and Ministry Units met at St Silas in Glasgow on 6-7 May 2022 for their very first in-person Synod of the Convocation, along with invited observers which included representatives of a number of congregations seeking to join the Convocation.

In his Bishop’s charge, Bishop Andy Lines noted the diversity of ACE churches, but stressed their interconnection through the Anglican Network in Europe and Gafcon with historic, faithful, biblical, confessional Anglicans down the ages and across the world.

Drawing on 1 Thessalonians 2 &3, he highlighted how such partnership is a relationship between God’s people that lasts for all eternity (2v19-20) and so matters now, so much so that it will bear any cost to ensure that others are strengthened and encouraged (3v5). It is a reciprocal relationship (3v6-9) which is seen particularly in prayerful dependence on God (3v10-12).

Bishop Andy expressed his desire that, “ACE may aspire and pray for these things: Relationship that will show its eternal dimension, a costly commitment to one another, an enjoyment of fruitfulness in others and theirs in us, and dependence in prayer for godly goals.”

The Synod debated issues as wide ranging as clergy formation, and a code of conduct, both with a focus on godliness, and the need to plan and provide for growth in the medium term, increasing capacity whilst protecting the relational model of episcopacy, oversight, accountability and support which it has inherited from the Anglican Network in Canada and the ACNA.